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Prayer for When You're Waiting on the Lord

Father in Heaven, I come before you with my heart filled with so many different thoughts and feelings. I am tense and uncertain about what I should be doing and where I should go. I feel weak and helpless. Powerless. I am worried about what happens next and whether I have the strength to handle it. Deep down I wonder, how long will I be here? Will I be stuck in this place of waiting forever? And why am I here to begin with? What's happening, Lord? But most of all, I wonder, where are You? Why haven't You responded to my cries for help? But even as I pray that, I know You are right where You've always said You would be. You've never left me, and You will never forsake me. You hear all my cries. In fact, as David wrote in Psalm 139, You know my thoughts before I even think them. You know exactly what is happening in my life and what will happen next. All things are in Your control and nothing can happen apart from Your will. Not a sparrow falls to earth without Your willing it to and You know the number of hairs on my head. You are never surprised. Even about this issue in my life today. You know why this is happening and will use it for Your glory and my good. Forgive me for how I have worried about this situation. Forgive me for doubting Your love and care in my life. Forgive me for my discontentment as I wait for what happens next. Forgive me for being impatient. Forgive me for not seeking after You and for allowing these circumstances in my life to seem greater than Your grace and goodness. Create in me a clean heart. Help me to see the counterfeit loves and idols in my heart. Help me to see all the things I cling to that I think will make my life happy and complete apart from You. Help me to repent and turn back to You and my one true love. Amen

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