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Prayer for Wayward Saints

Father, I stand in the gap for every one of Your blood-bought children who is disappointing You right now. Grant mercy now, in Jesus’ name. Even as others have prayed for me, I pray now for Your children trapped in the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes and the pride of life. Father, on behalf of Your wayward children, I sever soul ties, renounce unrighteous relationships and defuse the devices of the enemy. Lord, I speak over Your wayward sons and daughters; their destinies will not be derailed by their desires, their purpose shall not be pushed aside by perversion, nor Your Will waylaid by wanton lust. Jehovah Sabaoth, Lord of the Hosts, set ambushes now against Your enemy, the adversary of Your children. Holy Spirit, help us to stand in rightful positions, prepared to war but not needing to fight. Father, raise up Watchmen who will not merely point fingers of accusation but extend hands of mercy as they intercede for your children. Lord, spiritual generations are on the line. Souls are crying out, hanging in the balance. Holy Spirit, the harvest is plentiful but the laborers are few. Snatch back from the hands of the enemy wayward workers who have gone absent without official leave. Father, deal with us not according to the multitude of our sins, but according to the magnitude of Your grace. Father, I plead the Blood of Jesus, even as I war for the souls of Your children who dishonor and disappoint You by their unacceptable behavior even now. See us through the Blood. Precious Jesus, I declare that not one drop of Your Blood shall be wasted on ungrateful believers. I decree that we will value Your Blood by obeying Your Word. Savior, constrain faltering children by Your Gospel. Allow Your Word which has been hidden in their hearts to resurface in their lives. Holy Spirit, remind me always that just as I am disappointed with others, I have given You occasion to be disappointed with me. Do for them now what you have done for me in times past. I know You can break the bands of oppression. I know You dethrone demonic forces. I know You to be a Deliverer for You have delivered me. Touch, heal and deliver today I pray. Holy Spirit, throw out a lifeline for those caught in the wake of believers who are to be lifeguards who instead are drowning in the cesspool of their own sins. I command the contagion of confusion to cease now, in the name of Jesus. I lift the Blood of Jesus as the anti-virus to the infection of sin in the Body of Christ. Holy Spirit, preserve those in the Body who are seeking to do the Will of the Father but are in close proximity to ‘carriers’ of the contagion of sin. Again, we sever satanic soul-ties and renounce unrighteous relationships, in the name of Jesus. We plead the Blood. The Blood is life! We pray not to be washed in the Blood only but to be infused by the Blood. Jesus, wonderful Jesus, transfuse us with Your Life! I call now for the wayward sons and daughters to shake off those satanic spirits that have bitten you and attached themselves to you. Shake off anger, lies, lust, gossip, jealousy, envy, malice, strife, bitterness, vindictiveness, wantonness and lasciviousness. Shake off adultery and fornication, both of the flesh and of the spirit. Shake off conformity. Shake off the counsel of the ungodly. Step off the path of sinners and get out of the seat of the scornful. I call you back, man of God, from the precipice of destruction. I call you back, woman of God, from the pit of despair. Get up now. Turn back now. Holy Spirit, dispatch ministering angels to arrest the spirits of His children who have been momentarily captivated by the allure of the tempter. Send forth warring angels to bring down demonic forces that seek to steal from, kill and destroy those who belong to the Father. Father, complete the work that You have begun in each of us, until Jesus returns. Preserve our souls and our spirits for Your glory. Now Lord, I relinquish Your children into Your Omnipotent hands. I breathe in You now and reclaim my day. Thank you for restoring my joy and releasing me from the burden of carrying what only You can bear. Daddy, I love You. Amen.

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