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Prayer for Marriages

Updated: Mar 9, 2021

Father, today I pray for marriages.

I pray that husbands and wives will have the strength to love each other through changing times and changing seasons. I pray that we will have the spiritual fortitude for self-control in the face of divers temptations.

Teach us how to submit to each other, honor each other and respect each other. Allow the

lessons of 1 Corinthians 13 to become the reality of the lives we live together. Teach us, O God our Father, how to suffer with each other, in love. Strengthen us so that our love for each other bears up under anything and everything that comes, and endures everything without weakening.

Father, I especially stand in the gap for marriages of pastors and leaders in Your church. The

enemy is literally waging war and seeking to bring shame and dishonor to the body of Christ

through this assault on leadership. But we stand against this assault in Jesus’s name. Holy

Spirit, dispatch warring angels to fight on behalf of those who are not fighting for their marriages.

Send forth ministering angels to those who have been hurt and wounded by words and actions of their spouses, intended or unintended.

Father God, I am so grateful for what you have done for Pastor Kelli and me. Make our marriage the norm and not the exception among the leaders of Your church. We bind every demonic spirit from the pit of hell that would come to steal our joy, kill our commitment and destroy our marriages. We unleash warring angels to bind the spirit of witchcraft that seeks to divide us and cause us to thwart our blessings.

Father, be the third strand that binds us together as a cord too strong to be broken by wicked

men or tempting devils. We speak life into marriages; not death. We speak blessing and not

cursing. In Jesus name.


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