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Midnight Prayer

Father God, Creator of heaven and earth; Giver of every good and perfect gift; we give You all glory, honor, and praise, for all is due You. We thank You for life and every blessing life holds. We thank You for the gift of eternity that waits for us; a glorious eternity purchased for us through the redeeming blood of Your begotten Son, our beloved Savior, Christ the Lord.

Savior, thank You for the sacrifice You made, the ministry of intercession You perform and the gift You gave in the person and presence of Holy Spirit.

Precious Holy Spirit, we welcome You into our homes and into our hearts.

Now we stand our guard in this fifth watch against every satanic messenger that comes against Your people. We bind hellish dreams and nightmares. We rebuke demonic activity in the subconscious realm. We bind together to disengage the talons of death's angel from the beating hearts of Your weakened warriors. We speak Life. Life to the redeemed.

We come against territorial demons and provincial powers and principalities. We come against murderous spirits, hateful spirits, and tormenting spirits. We come against spirits of depression, suicide, and low self-esteem. We bind fear, doubt, and unbelief. We dispatch legions of warring angels to guard the gates of the city and ministering angels to heal the hearts of the broken. We declare that those who are denied sleep will find rest. Those who are devoid of companionship will find comfort. May those who are still in poverty receive provision. May every yoke be destroyed from the necks of Your people. May every chain be broken in the hearts of Your people. May every stronghold come down in the minds of Your people.

We declare the battle won, for You are the God who always causes us to Triumph in Christ. We thank You for the victory. We give You premature praise for predetermined outcomes. In the mighty and matchless name of Jesus the Christ we pray.


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