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Early Morning Prayer

Father God, Creator of the heavens and the earth, Ruler over all things and Giver of Life; I rise this early morning to seek Your face and Your hand.

I come to You on behalf of everyone attached to me who is in any way afflicted; body, mind or spirit. I call out to You for healing and deliverance. Touch bodies racked with pain. Relieve the pain and heal Your people of every disease. Jesus, You shed Your blood for our salvation and for our healing. I plead the blood this morning. I plead the blood over every skin disorder; every rash, every lesion, every infection, every abnormality, and infirmity plaguing Your blood-washed children. There is still power in Your blood. Let there be healing without scarring, in Jesus’s mighty name. I plead the blood over every disorder of internal organs; regulate the heart, the kidneys, livers, pancreas, lymph nodes, lungs, intestine, bile ducts and bowels. Cause them to function properly in Jesus’s name. Remove blood clots now. Regulate blood pressure. I rebuke migraines in the name of Jesus.

I cancel the assignments of satanic messengers sent to torment the people of God. ENOUGH!!! Let God arise and every enemy be scattered as the sun of this new day rises. I come against demonically induced patterns of thinking.

I declare and decree that the weapons of our warfare are mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds. Sickness, come down. Disease and dis-ease, come down. Lupus, come down. Fibromyalgia, come down. Hiatal hernias, come down. Hyperglycemia, come down. Hypoglycemia, come down. Depression, come down. Bi-polar disorder, come down.

Holy Spirit, saturate us with Your peace. PEACE! Peace in the mind, I say. Rest for the people of God. Let the angels keep watch through the night and let the people of God rest. I declare and decree change in the darkness of the morning. Change situations. Change circumstances. Change outcomes. With daybreak, there will be change. Rashes, sores, and lesions are drying up. Blood clots are dissipating. Change! Kidneys are regulating. Sugar is regulating. Brain waves are regulating. Change! All things are coming into divine order.

I stand in the gap for those who are too weary to pray, who are hurting too badly or experiencing too much discomfort in their body, mind, or spirit. I join my prayers with those of our Chief Advocate and Intercessor, Jesus Christ. Touch Your people now. I thank You for restful sleep. I thank You for Those whom my prayer touches who will rise in the morning feeling relieved, refreshed, restored, and renewed. Thank You, Father. Thank You, Jesus. Thank You, Holy Spirit.


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